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Lamp Repair Service in Los Angeles - BulbsUSA.com


With over 25 years of lamp repair experience,

of lamp and lighting fixture.

We also have the most complete in-house selection of lamp

parts,wires etc.for fast and easy repair.

All Repairs are done and supervised by a licensed professional,

Therefore we are able to warranty our work

for 1 year,part and labor 100% free of charge.

We can Make a lamp out of almost ANYTHING!

Just bring your lamp for a free estimate
**Pick up and Delivery Service available in the Los Angeles area
Also shipping service available for all other Cities and States.

We Repair:

Antique Lamps
Floor Lamps
Table Lamps
Ceiling Lamps
Wall Sconces
Tiffany Lamps
Fluorescent Fixtures
Track Lighting
Halogen Lamps
Outdoor fixtures
Designer Lamps
Custom Made Lamp

And Many more....

Store Location:(On-Site Repair)

12234 Santa Monica Blvd W

Los Angeles, CA 90025

1/2 Block W Bundy, Next to Smart and Final
TEL: 310-826-0603
Store Hours:Mon-Fri: 9AM-6PM

For any questions please call us: 310-826-0603

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