Halogen Light Bulbs

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Halogen Light Bulbs

          Halogen light bulbs or halogen lamps that produce light in a similar method to a regular incandescent bulb. Halogen light bulbs have a filament made of Tungsten, which glows when electricity is applied, same as a regular incandescent bulb. What makes halogen light bulbs different is that it is filled with halogen gas instead of argon gas like a regular bulb is. The halogen gas in halogen light bulbs removes the carbon deposits on the inside of the halogen light bulbs, caused by the burning of the tungsten filament, and re-deposits it back on to the filament, resulting in a light bulb which can be burned at a higher temperature therefore creating, both a whiter as well as a brighter light per watt than a regular bulb.       

          Halogen light bulbs come in many shapes and sizes, some directional others not, some quite small others the size of regular bulbs, some fit into normal sockets other require special sockets and voltages to work. Possible uses may include jobs where color is important because of it's excellent color rendering of its whiter light, or it's physically smaller size has lead to a lot of unique of designs of lamps and fixtures that would not have been possible with the size of regular bulbs. The smaller size of the bulb has also lead to better designs of reflectors, increasing the efficiency of halogen light bulbs as a directional light source for track lighting.

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