Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs


      The Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs belong to a type of fluorescent bulbs only it is in compact form that has different shapes and sizes which are mostly designed to replace your regular incandescent light bulbs.

       Fluorescent light bulbs (including compact fluorescents) are more energy-efficient than regular bulbs because of the different method they use to produce light. Regular bulbs (also known as incandescent bulbs) create light by heating a filament inside the bulb; the heat makes the filament white-hot, producing the light that you see. A lot of the energy used to create the heat that lights an incandescent bulb is wasted. A fluorescent bulb, on the other hand, contains a gas that produces invisible ultraviolet light (UV) when the gas is excited by electricity. The UV light hits the white coating inside the fluorescent bulb and the coating changes it into light you can see. Because fluorescent bulbs don't use heat to create light, they are far more energy-efficient than regular incandescent bulbs.

   Advantages of Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

  • Efficient:

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs are four times more efficient and last up to 10 times longer than incandescents. A 22 watt compact fluorescent light bulb has about the same light output as a 100 watt incandescent. Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 50 - 80% less energy than incandescent.

  • Less Expensive:

Although compact fluorescent light bulbs are initially more expensive, you save money in the long run because compact fluorescent light bulbs use 1/3 the electricity and last up to 10 times as long as incandescents. A single 18 watt compact fluorescent light bulb used in place of a 75 watt incandescent will save about 570 kWh over its lifetime. At 8 cents per kWh, that equates to a $45 savings.

  • Reduces Air and Water Pollution:

Replacing incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs will keep a half-ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere over the life of the bulb. If everyone in the U.S. used energy-efficient lighting, we could retire 90 average size power plants. Saving electricity reduces CO2 emissions, sulfur oxide and high-level nuclear waste.

  • High-Quality Light:

Newer compact fluorescent light bulbs give a warm, inviting light instead of the "cool white" light of older fluorescents. They use rare earth phosphors for excellent color and warmth. New electronically ballasted compact fluorescent light bulbs don't flicker or hum.

  • Versatile:

Compact fluorescent light bulbs can be applied nearly anywhere that incandescent lights are used. Energy-efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs can be used in recessed fixtures, table lamps, track lighting, ceiling fixtures and porchlights. 3-way compact fluorescent light bulbs are also now available for lamps with 3-way settings. Dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs are also available for lights using a dimmer switch.

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